IT IS TIME TO QUIT PLAYING CHURCH!America is too young to die - Leonard Ravenhill

This book has not been written with an eye on the cash register. I get no financial return from it. Neither has it been written for fun or to add yet another book to my list of writings. It has been written with grief and bathed in prayer. It is written with love for the land of my adoption.

For the last fifty years I have watched Great Britain decay during her lingering agony of alternating fits of sanity and of stupefaction. Today England is no longer considered a world power. Most say that she is both morally and spiritually decadent. Must the United States follow her? I pray not. We are considered by most folk to be on the skids. Our dollar is sick. Our morality is sick. At two o’clock one morning a man called me and tearfully sobbed, “Ravenhill, I am just reading Why Revival Tarries, and I found out three things: my Nation is sick, my church is sick, and I am sick.”

These are the last days—how long will they last? God has a remnant. He calls us to battle principalities and powers. “Lead on, O King Eternal,” cleanse us and heal our land.

—Leonard Ravenhill

Republished by Offspring Publishers, sons of Leonard Ravenhill

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“I was alone in heaven!”Amazing Visions - William Booth

“My thoughts went back to earth, and as though by an angel’s hand, the history of my past life was unrolled before my eyes. What a record it was!”

“…for it described in detail the objects that had influenced me during my earthly career. It set forth the purpose for which my thoughts and feelings and activities had been mainly spent and brought forth the ends for which I had employed my time, my money, my influence, and all the other talents and gifts with which God had entrusted me to use for His glory and the salvation of men.” (excerpt from Amazing Visions)

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In his latest book, “Blood Bought,” David Ravenhill unlocks the secret to man’Blood Boughts redemption: the Cross. Using poignant illustrations and irrefutable logic, Ravenhill masterfully and systematically lays a biblical foundation for true salvation. In a day when many seem to want to be deceived, David stands forth and tells the Truth. We have been purchased at a frightening cost: the blood of God’s very own Son. It is only by embracing the Cross of Jesus Christ that we will share His eternal reign.

Steve Gallagher
Founder, Pure Life Ministry, Dry Ridge, Kentucky

In these days of superficial spiritual fads and sound-bite Christianity, we need David Ravenhill’s voice more than ever. Blood Bought gets us back on track, pointing us to the heart of the matter, to the truths that have endured through the generations, to the glorious price that was paid for our redemption. Read this book and be cleansed and empowered afresh!

Dr. Michael L. Brown
President, FIRE School of Ministry, Concord, NC


David Ravenhill on “Blood Bought” – Interview by Ecclesia College.

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Scandal, Hidden Sin, Turmoil…in the Church!

Surviving the Anointing is a solid teaching tool for church leaders who are facing not only their own struggles but also reaping the fallout of recent moral failings of nationally well-known church leaders.

David Ravenhill addresses the very real issues of how and why modern-day pastors and church leaders succumb to the enemy. He offers practical ways to survive the calling and the anointing. He openly discusses the inherent pitfalls of being anointed and compares today’s trials and troubles to those faced by Biblical leaders.

This book candidly discusses a wide range of important topics, including:

  • Intimacy
  • Persistency
  • Humility
  • Diversity
  • Adversity
  • Unit
  • Authority
  • Empathy
  • Worship
  • Family
  • Integrity
  • Eternity

Each topic is thoroughly discussed and documented as it pertains to a leader’s responsibilities and its importance to Surviving the Anointing.

Welcome Home

Welcome Home provides the reader with a fresh and insightful look at the familiar parable of the prodigal son. The author’s approach is to recast the prodigal into twentieth century settings, so the reader can more readily identify with the central character, the prodigal. It serves to warn and yet warm the heart of the reader. Not only does it reveal the gradual and yet steady downward spiral from prosperity to the pig pen; but also the steps leading to his full restoration with his father.

Combined with G. Campbell Morgan’s classic The Parable of the Father’s Heart, author David Ravenhill recasts the prodigal son story into 20th-century settings, citing parallels between the prodigals of yesterday and today.

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Paperback: 201 Pages

They Drank from the RiverTHEY DRANK FROM THE RIVER
We are living in a land not our own. We are looking for a city whose Builder and Maker is God. Along the way there will be rivers from which to drink. These ‘rivers’ will renew, refresh, and restore vision and purpose. But, the ‘river’ will not ultimately satisfy the inner longing of your soul. The ‘river’ along the way must not be mistaken for the City of God we all seek. We must go on not being content with the provision of the ‘river’ no matter how exciting it rushing power and glory may be.

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Paperback: 130 Pages

The Jesus Letters takes the seven letters to the churches in Revelation, lifts them out of their ancient setting, creating a mirror for the contemporary Church in which to view her. The image reflected in that mirror just might surprise you.

These primitive letters provide a prophetic portrait of the ‘desires’ of Jesus for His Church. With picturesque detail, Ravenhill depicts what brings the pleasure of His presence and the pain of His absence.

Jesus’ words will comfort you and disturb you—they will challenge you as they change you. Open the letters cautiously and carefully. Read them just as they were written—personally and passionately just for you.

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Paperback: 160 Pages

For God's Sake Grow Up!FOR GOD’S SAKE GROW UP!
It’s time for a change! God calls all Christians to enroll in the school of His Spirit—He longs for us to grow in maturity and intimacy with Him so that we can fulfill His purposes for us and for our generation. For too long we have been like the child who desperately clings to his mother’s leg when facing the first day of kindergarten, stubbornly refusing to move on to the next level of spiritual maturity. For God’s sake, we must grow up!.

“David Ravenhill is a man with mature passion for Jesus and penetrating insights into the Word. His teaching has refreshed me for years. This book will inspire and enlighten you. I recommend anything David writes.” —Mike Bickle

“David Ravenhill’s message comes at a crucial time in Church history. There is a stirring in the Body of Christ—a clarion call to put away childish things, pick up our weaponry, and go to war. Ravenhill’s message serves as nourishment to every soldier. I pray that it saturates the saints and is used of the Lord to thrust us forward in this mighty end-time revival.” —Stephen L. Hill, Evangelist

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